Our foundation with Night School Pro. starts with over 15 years of corporate Instructional Design experience, as well as over 10 years of culinary, small business, and start-up experience. Our company values are based on simply sharing the knowledge that can help others succeed, and if we don’t have the training you need readily available off the shelf, we have the skills and resources to build it for you.

Quality and speed over bureaucracy and innovation over the commonplace help us to directly align ourselves with our client’s objectives and needs. Our experienced designers, along with nurtured customer relationships have been the core components of building our business.

At Night School Pro. we know that there is nothing basic about the fundamentals of business and we’re here to help. Whenever we start working with a new customer or on a new project, we partner with that client to implement powerful solutions to strengthen our customers’  brand or business, helping to develop and support the foundation for future growth.

How we work:

  • We are OPEN to new and different ideas and approaches.

  • We are RESOURCEFUL in dealing with new and challenging situations.

  • We are DRIVEN to excel in all that we do.


  • Course Development for Online & Classroom Experiences 

  • Predesigned Courses for Creatives & Small Business Owners

  • Custom Instructional Design for All Industries

  • Graphic Design

  • Multi-Media Production

  • Cloud-Based LMS with Tracking & Reporting 

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